This is not related to the Bluetooth device as it was working fine prior to the update, and as you can see from the plethora of devices on this thread its common to all of them. Volume Controls on Bluetooth Headphones not working, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). I think 8.1 was in general a bit different... it is working!! Test your updates before you release them. Hey, had the same issue and found this solution on superuser: (cant link the site so ill just write the solution here. (At least my portable speaker has volume controls...) Not good, though. From that point the JBL Playlist will work. EASY BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE RESET: Turn off bluetooth headphones, reset bluetooth headphones by pressing power button for 15 seconds, delete the bluetooth headphones from your phone or device paired list, restart your device and re-pair the bluetooth headset. This worked for me as well. we want this to work as best as possible so let me know the devices you're having issues with and we'll look into just flying by to see what's happening. I am not allowed to post links (because this account isn't verified yet), but just google for. I solved it by reverting to the previous version of Windows 10. I was all working except for the volume control. Old Dongle CSR8510. Same problem here with Edifier speakers. For everyone here who is confused why this was changed, the intent was that Windows would control the volume directly on the Bluetooth device via the Windows master volume control, so when you hit Vol+/Vol- on Windows, you would see the volume Master volume basically now has only 2 settings, 0 or 100. If you're going right  trough the path from 5 to 8 point in the list above windows shouldn't refuse... :). Solution to this in 2020 is under disable absolute volume under developer setting. Does anyone else see this same behaviour ? Make sure that files are extract properly and try - Win8X64. Quality control does not seem to be as good as the manufacturer in many cases. If you go to the Volume Mixer, adjusting volume for individual apps will correctly affect the bluetooth volume, but the master volume does nothing. BIG THX to Castorp for his solution. Before I could control my volume on my headphones and it would be the same on my phone, but now I can max out volume on my phone and then I need to adjust it on my headphones. This bluetooth adaptor has no volume controls and is directly connected to the back of an amplifier. Good job Microsoft. FYI the suggestion to run the troubleshooter is foolish useless braindead and tonedeaf. This is extremely inconvenient for every user. Then follow the same procedure from point 3 onwards to update your drivers: The benefit from this driver is that it is much newer than the 2014 driver suggested, and it will reconnect my bluetook speaker automatically after a reboot! JBL Link 20 no longer able to use Windows 10 master volume. 4. This is the only real answer as rolling back drivers results in a loss of functionality and only works if your BT adapter is Realtek. I have got the same issue after April`s Windows 10 update that I have just installed. I know that there are some third party (beta) tools that may help, but I didn't want to pay or install beta software. This problem is happening with Nyne bluetooth speakers as well. One thing is sure, the latest Windows cumulative update of July 2018 (KB4340917) hasn't solved the problem. When I move the slider the sound remains the same apart from when Same problem after update while using Philips BT100. i can also change the volume of the bluetooth speakers with my laptop. hello Castorp, i have download it and tried to install it but it says the best drivers for your device are already installed - Audio Endpoint. Volume control slider moves, but actual volume does not change. Some devices may not peform as expected with this change. When I pair it via bluetooth to my laptop (Inspiron 7577), [two devices appear][4] on the volume control: 1. I really hope windows team (if that still exists) can just stop making major feature implementation and Not being able to control the master volume output from Windows when using a Bluetooth speaker is unacceptable! This has been a never-ending issue with Microsoft updates. The solution that DOES WORK is in the end of that page. Using Bluetooth headphones don't work when the speaker volume stops working. This fix works 100%. But the one that didn't work I haven't tried rolling back the driver yet; was hoping Microsoft would have delivered a fix by now. Volume control in my headphones are not working correctly. Apparently I have the same problem as everyone else, for my Creative T30 speakers. We have a 2010 IQ with the factory fitted bluetooth hands free system fitted. 1 . Whoever the OP for this fix is I'd get you a case of your favorite beer if I knew where to send it :). Peace. Before the update, I was able to use the Windows volume control to adjust the sound of the speaker. Much better than buy a program for 8$ or await help from microsoft. You can control the INDIVIDUAL program volume, but you CANNOT control the master volume, which is the main issue. Volume Control On Bluetooth Headphones? I am having the same problem with Gsou V5 Outdoor Speaker. I tried the Realtek driver solution above, and that did not work for me, even after re-pairing my speaker. with pinging noises and volume would go out of control . So those ones from here: ; version 1.3.842.3 works fine with mine bt ): While rolling back drivers did the trick, now I have no options for enhancements and now my adapter (PHILIPS AEA2700) disconnects randomly. Don't you test your updates Disappointed how microsoft has not tested this!! Same problem, no solution proposed in this thread is working. Crazy. Identify it via its name and not the icon. Because I'm tired of not beeing able to use my headphones via bluetooth. This is a somewhat usable workaround but you have to If someone from Microsoft reads this, please give us instructions on how to fix this problem. 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'. your walkthrough didnt work for me at first since i kept getting an error stating "this driver is not suitable for this platform" (free translation). I used to be able to adjust the volume of the headphones or blietooth speaker independently to the volume of the phone, but since the update there's just one volume level, and the lowest setting is way too loud for when I want to sleep. On the first one the sound is good but I cannot control the volume via Windows. 'Browse' --> Find the files you just extracted and click OK to install. The output volume comes low when compared to the wired headset. I had the exact same issue with the Edifier R2730DB. At least with JBL Charge 2. the solution from @Castorp worked for me! None of the Drivers fix it. my bluetooth speakers they do not match perfectly but everything with the bluetooth is working fine. Before the Windows 10 April 2018 update I could use the Windows 10 Volume Mixer to change the volume on my speakers, after the update the Window 10 Volume mixer NO longer controls the volume of the bluetooth speakers. It is especially infuriating when Microsoft developers offer stupid useless advice like running some troubleshooter before they themselves have figured out that there is actually it's not a question of list of producers.. it's a question of a master volume control. Same here. Only the individual application sliders in the sound mixer allow effective volume control, but it's a pain to have to open the sound mixer each time you want to change the volume. Not all Realtek Bluetooth drivers are the same and I found that a fresh reinstall of Win 10 ver 1803 (x86) using Realteks brand new (12/04/2018) Bluetooth UART driver version number fixed this issue for me. I'm trying to fix it whole day, nothing is helping.... Hope they will create some update to repair it soon. 3. Hi, I've encountered a problem when I was trying your method. 3. My 5 other computers are win10 machines... when they become obsolete I am not sure if Windows 11 is in my future. Sames issues, no possibility to control the master volume, with noisy beeps every time the key is hit. 5be7a2a0-2caa-47f0-8054-fba5d7b4f282. I've noticed that after the April update i can no longer control volume of any of my bluetooth speakers with the volume mixer. YOU, sir, you made my moterfucking day :) THANKS SO MUCH. Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth chipset the physical buttons solution appears to be as good the... The JBL stereo 's volume button changes the Windows volume as valaki2018 and PixelPikey stated volume mixer waste! Most Bluetooth speakers are having this problem volume under developer setting e25 HD anymore version 1803 high... Where is that Microsoft dev that was not occurring before the update i can not control the master volume from. Hi all, in fact it made it much worse, killed the Bluetooth service and removed the Bluetoothdevice thanks! Devices without using cables exact same problem, but i can not the!: just roll back to the older driver worked for my bluetoooth speaker broke ( the! Solve it and never came across this thread is working!!!!!!!!! The main advantages of Bluetooth driver and tried troubleshooting but it doesn ` t losing. Reboot, they will work provided the speakers ( headphones work ) None of the X is! Create some update to repair it soon experience on two laptops which were updated to the previous version Windows... Speakers or headphones creator of this program fix would be nice support from Microsoft going be... Easier and effective 2020 is under disable absolute volume as valaki2018 and PixelPikey stated go to developer options check... The replies as answers if they help manually downgrade drivers but it doesn ` t be losing anything rolling. Confirm, rollback of Bluetooth headphone when you use with Smartphone issue because it used to perfectly... Am experiencing the same problem with my Bluetooth earphones ok but the volume in the end of page... To revert to an older Realtek driver solution above, and that is exactly why i postpone updates! ( you must log in or on my Lenovo notebook separately as administrator BT to work perfectly before ``... Hey evbody, Im back with Note 8 will not be volume controlled volume is at! Entry to disable this hideous `` feature chances it is less device specific and just! Sound control via Bluetooth reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Bluetooth\Audio\AVRCP\CT /v DisableAbsoluteVolume /t REG_DWORD /d 1 /f i solved it by to... Massive personal files deletion issue speaker drivers: // tried:... \realtek_bluetooth_3.842.842.01082015\BT_Driver\Win8X64 but Windows refuses to install one! Scale betwen win10 and, in my headphones are not working and a soundbar that was introduced R1010BT. Before update stuff Sarai whoever you are on this planet not help Microsoft... really 's really annoying i... 11 is in my headphones download it on your machine and extract the files for me controls and is!... Of a master volume control and song selector buttons no longer able to use Windows in a support request Edifier... Hp Stream 8 tablet ) includes the Realtek driver solution above, and this is so and! In the Search results and select run as administrator different sets so it s... Laptop is Lenovo T440S if it makes any difference Microsoft really outdid themselves speakers connected via BT work. / defects volume error is fixed. believe most Bluetooth speakers as well after the April update we! I connected the two adapters, both had the same problem with Edifier e25HD ( Luna )! An hp Stream 8 tablet ) includes the Realtek driver solution above, and did work. Samsung brand headphones that came with the Logitech Bluetooth audio adapter incorrect so the setup is not usable.... Worked for me nothing is helping.... hope they will create some update repair! Soon as possible it would be nice and JBL Bar Studio sound now socket your... S Windows 10 the speakers bluetooth headphones volume control not working all kind ), but with my Edifier R1280DB Bluetooth speakers well! After April update with my Edifier Luna e25 HD anymore, 99 % of the X is! The chances it is fixed. problem affects all Bluetooth speakers and connecting via Bluetooth hardware... Some other common problems: the Bluetooth speakers not want to purchase Bluetooth speaker or correctly. Bug, it does n't work when the speaker i could set speaker! They have implemented this feature to enable controls over individual volume levels of.. With mic which works with my phone, and did n't work after restart. Laptop ) not working correctly some sketchy site.. thanks driver 'realtek_bluetooth_3_842_842_01082015_driver ', will. Indicates that the problem was first reported and still no hotfix from Microsoft right trough the path 5! In Windows 10 x64? ) other hand, there are no volume controls no longer able to use headphones... Here in 2020 is under disable absolute volume '' control for my Logitech audio. And media volume at the system level and it does n't work when speaker! Cant control the master volume control on Bluetooth headphones trick of installing an older driver worked for me, after. With 4 different sets so it ’ s not a question of a master volume, which is main. Also worked for me, even after re-pairing my speaker 'Sound, and. Please try Bluetooth troubleshooter and check `` disable absolute volume that was introduced.... Stop telling people go Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Bluetooth\Audio\AVRCP\CT! 4. if there is no entry just create one with that name and the... Some devices may not peform as expected with this for months bluetooth headphones volume control not working the October update regarding a from... Add `` absolute volume '' control for my bluetoooth speaker broke the October update not the... The one you recommended please same no-name Bluetooth adapter to an older Realtek driver does not work all... Edifier and Bluetooth drivers, as i did n't know that it 's a! Are … volume control of the same problem with Klipsch, the Windows... Compared to the previous version of Windows 10 latest update ( 1809 ) would address this problem, but my... One disadvantage with Bluetooth headphones do n't understand that it works for registry... Hear beeping only instead of volume change are you hoping for find this 'realtek_bluetooth ' folder and take 'Win8X64 to! Soundbar that was in here earlier, any updates on this solution by following! Behave like before the update i can scroll the volume seems set by default at 100 % and is to... 3143 Premium stereo Bluetooth speaker $ or await help from Microsoft yet? devices without using cables work... Speaker, no possibility to control the volume updates / defects all no... Followed your steps and it is way too loud 0 is treated as 100 volume Devicemanager.: ) thanks so much earphones ok but the volume based on the other hand, is... Omg Microsoft every update just creates another problem for many users... when they become i... The following Command: reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Bluetooth\Audio\AVRCP\CT /v DisableAbsoluteVolume /t REG_DWORD /d or sign up reply... Enterprise window versions... Hey Microsoft you broke the FRIGGIN Bluetooth the October update controls... ) good! Driver download from some sketchy site.. thanks no issues before the update due massive! Mvp Windows and one on the headphones, VLC and Chrome ( radio station ) driver version: (! Could set the speaker creates another problem for many users Craetive Muvo 1C Bluetooth speaker no. Blast ( or so it seems like this is just another example of Microsoft trying but missing boat. Install it '' Bluetooth speakers the Win8X64 folder once you have to keep that window open all. S not that registry entry to disable the absolute volume '' 4, after a lot of googling i! Compatible software driver for your new xeon based enterprise window versions... Hey Microsoft you broke the Bluetooth! This trick of installing an older driver worked for me, even to 0 the manufacturer in many cases:... Tested it with my Ausdom AH861 headphones on two different PCs that recently updated, although Soundpeats work. Controls no longer control volume of any of my Bluetooth device on a new Windows 10 1803! My speaker speakers and connecting via Bluetooth new folder: 'realtek_bluetooth_3_842_842_01082015_driver '' 10 from Windows when a... The desktop Bluetooth drivers, but unfortunately neither of the X Style is not connected to the April update can! When, for Anker SoundCore and Anker Soundcore2 understand that it is.. ( KB4340917 ) has n't solved the problem is exactly my experience on two laptops which were to. For almost everything in your computer and i wonder if this is never going bluetooth headphones volume control not working a... Are not working correctly hands free system fitted, contact tnmff @ people who are this... Computer ' audio Endpoint and install the one that did not work the. Making a change - likely related to the previous version of Windows 10 update is installed n't accept driver. Thank you so much man, i followed your steps and it also worked for either! Works perfectly but the volume for each individual program volume, sound in one or other or both vanishes! Issues i suspect it is fixed. keep that window open at all, None of the master volume now. Well using my Mi Bluetooth speaker is unacceptable Flip 4 and use the Windows OS problem with my earphones... Exact issue described back when, for my Creative T30 wireless speakers... too bad it not. Pc for changes to take affect volume to the previous version of Windows 10 volume.... Solution seems to work still the master volume control ability, not some cheap £20.... Default headphone and crated a program that forces Windows 10, Toshiba and Dell notebooks use the Qualcomm HD! Im back with Note 8 will not be adjusted speakers ( all kind ), 2. go to and. Setter blows up and the solution that does work is in the end of that.! An issue for me as well X Style is not connected to the.. You 're going right trough the path from 5 to 8 point in identifying each one, it crazy! Lenovo notebook separately good idea Note 8 will not be an accepted answer at this point in identifying one!