["Norwegian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__Nor__NO.pdf"], ["Spain", [ ["South Africa", [ ]], ]], ["China", [ ["Greek", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Gre__GR.pdf"], Jotun Hardtop XP is a high solids VOC compliant two pack polyurethane topcoat with excellent gloss and colour retention. Singapore Thinner Jotun Thinner No. ["Greek", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Gre__GR.pdf"], ["Swedish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Swe__SE.pdf"], ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__ar-SA__EG.pdf"], Jotun Hardtop XP is recommended as a glossy topcoat over most epoxy systems where a durable, weather-resistant finish is required in a wide range of aggressive atmospheres. ]], ["Italian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Ita__IT.pdf"], ["Turkish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__16480__Hardtop+AX__tr-TR__TR.pdf"], ["Slovak", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Slo__SK.pdf"], ["Poland", [ Designed to improve the flow of Jotun polyurethane coatings. ["Turkish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__tr-TR__TR.pdf"], Jotun Hardtop XP has great gloss and colour retention, and gives a better finish, less spills and lower paint consumption. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__SG.pdf"], Approvals and certificates. ]], ]], ["Philippines", [ ["Thai (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__th-TH%3bEuk__TH.pdf"], ]], Jotun Hardtop HB 2 Pack Polyurethane Topcoat Overview. ["Greece", [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__KR.pdf"], ["Netherlands", [ ]], ]], | Privacy, cookies terms and conditions, Marine: Topsides, decks and superstructures, Protective: Offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings and a wide range of industrial structures, Excellent application properties by airless spray. ["Norway", [ ]], ["Slovak", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Slo__SK.pdf"], China - 2016 For Tianjin Southwest Maritime Ltd. appearance of their LPG ships has high priority, but can be hard to achieve in difficult areas with … Made easy. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Euk__ZA.pdf"], ["English (Thai)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk%3bth-TH__KH.pdf"], We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. ]], ["German", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__16480__Hardtop+AX__Ger__DE.pdf"], ["Qatar", [ ["French", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Fra__FR.pdf"], ["Iceland", [ ]], ["China (import from Korea)", [ ["Latvian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__lv-LV__LV.pdf"], | Privacy, cookies terms and conditions, Marine: Topsides, decks and superstructures, Protective: Offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings and suitable for a wide range of industrial structures, Very good colour- and gloss retention and chemical resistance, High sag resistance, minimal spray dust and low temperature curing. ["Portuguese", "%2fAG%2fAG__3140__Hardtop+XP__Por__BR.pdf"], ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Euk__QA.pdf"], ["France", [ ]], A tough, high performance protective coating from leading paint manufacturer Jotun has been specified for one of the world’s most iconic structures, the Eiffel Tower. ]], ]], Jotun Hardtop XP Paint | paints4trade.com ["Hungary", [ ["Dutch", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__Dut__NL.pdf"], ["United States", [ ["Bulgarian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Bul__BG.pdf"], ["German", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Ger__DE.pdf"], ["Portuguese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__PoP__PT.pdf"], ["Hungarian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Hon__HU.pdf"], Jual JOTUN CAT POLYURETHANE / HARDTOP XP 5 LITER / CAT JOTUN MARINE dengan harga Rp625.000 dari toko online tokoputraidaman, Jakarta Utara. ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Eng__US.pdf"], Product description ["South Africa", [ ]], ]], ["Japanese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Jap__JP.pdf"], ["Spanish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Esp__ES.pdf"], ["Brazil", [ ["Latvian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__lv-LV__LV.pdf"], Petronas RAPID Regasification Terminal 2 pipeline presented specific challenges in terms of adhesion and solvent– and chemical resistance. ["Euk;Msl", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk%3bMsl__BD.pdf"], ["Turkey", [ ]], ["Norway", [ ["France", [ Cari produk Cat Pelapis lainnya di Tokopedia. ["German", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Ger__BE.pdf"], ]], ["Chinese Traditional (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__zh-CHT%3bEng__TW.pdf"], ]], The theoretical coverage for Jotun Hardtop HB is 8.3 square metres per litre. ]], ["Arabic", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__ar-SA__SA.pdf"], ["Germany", [ ]], ]], Jotun … ["Cambodia", [ ["Indonesian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__id-ID__ID.pdf"], ["Sweden", [ Copyright Jotun ]], ["Belgium", [ Jotun Hardtop AX Polyurethane Gloss Topcoat - 5ltrs. ["United Kingdom", [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Eng__CA.pdf"], ["Saudi Arabia", [ Polyurethane paints also tend to become tacky very quickly due to solvent leaving the paint surface. ]], ["Norway", [ A two pack, high solids, flexible polyurethane coating with good gloss and colour retention offering good impact resistance with built in corrosion protection suitable as a single coat system in atmospheric corrosivity classes C2 and C3 and can also be used as a topcoat in classes C2 - C4, C5-I and C5-M on various primers and as a maintenance coating on old paint surfaces. ["Korean", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Kor__KR.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__ZA.pdf"], ]; ]], ["Polish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__16480__Hardtop+AX__Pol__PL.pdf"], ["Australia", [ ["Thailand", [ ["Finland", [ ]], ["Australia", [ ["Bangladesh", [ Polyurethane Finish Paint (For Interior Use) Generic Type: Two Component Aromatic Polyurethane Finish Paint With Excellent Durability. Colours clear . ["Spanish", "%2fAG%2fAG__3140__Hardtop+XP__Esp__ES.pdf"], ["Oman", [ ]], ["Cambodia", [ ]], ["Czech", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Csy__CZ.pdf"], ]], ["Latvia", [ ]], About Jotun. ["French", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__16480__Hardtop+AX__Fra__FR.pdf"], ]], ["France", [ ["Polish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__Pol__PL.pdf"], ]], ]], ["Russia", [ ["India", [ Technical Data Sheet (English) ["Spain", [ ["France", [ ]], ["Lithuanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Lit__LT.pdf"], ["Italian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Ita__IT.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__ES.pdf"], ["Egypt", [ ["Finnish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Fin__FI.pdf"], ]], ]], ]], ]], ]], ]], ["Norwegian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Nor__NO.pdf"], ["Bulgaria", [ This is a two component chemically curing aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__IN.pdf"], Colour: Available In All Standard Solid Shades. ["Euk;phi-PH", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk%3bphi-PH__PH.pdf"], ["Hungarian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Hon__HU.pdf"], ["Norwegian", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__16480__Hardtop+AX__Nor__NO.pdf"], Jotun Hardtop XP is a two component polyurethane coating. ["Portugal", [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Euk__EG.pdf"], ["Czech", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Csy__CZ.pdf"], ["Turkey", [ ["Euk;Msl", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Euk%3bMsl__BD.pdf"], ["China", [ ["English (Thai)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Euk%3bth-TH__TH.pdf"], With Jotun’s premium polyurethane topcoat Hardtop AX it was easy to achieve a glossy finish in one coat. ["Singapore", [ ]], ]], - 2015. From £52.45. Good application properties with low dry spray and should be used as a topcoat in atmospheric environments. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__GB.pdf"], ["Serbia", [ ["Swedish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Swe__SE.pdf"], ["Lithuanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Lit__LT.pdf"], ["Spanish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__16480__Hardtop+AX__Esp__ES.pdf"], ]; From £52.45. ]], ["Korean", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Kor__KR.pdf"], ["Brazil", [ ["Japan", [ It has a glossy finish with very … ]], Polyurethane Floor Paint - Standard Colours Here at Paintmaster, we're able to deliver a complete range of polyurethane floor paint in standard colours. ]], ]], ["Romanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__ro-RO__RO.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Euk__SG.pdf"], ["Slovak Republic", [ ["United States", [ ["Brazil", [ ["Swedish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__Swe__SE.pdf"], Typical use Designed to improve the flow and levelling properties when spraying Jotun polyurethane coatings in average/moderate temperature conditions. ["Romania", [ ["United Arab Emirates", [ The ultimate combination of strong mechanical properties and very good colour- and gloss retention ensures a durable glossy finish which is easy to obtain by a hassle free application. ]], ]], ["Egypt", [ ["English (Thai)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk%3bth-TH__TH.pdf"], ["German", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__Ger__DE.pdf"], Manufactured under the auspices of an ISO 9001:2008 quality ISO 14001:2004 environmental management systems. ["Denmark", [ Details ["English", "%2fAG%2fAG__3140__Hardtop+XP__Euk__GB.pdf"], ["Romania", [ It is a reaction polymer, a combination of a polyol resin and an isocyanate hardener or curing agent. ["Myanmar", [ ]], Available in virtually any colour where a durable weather resistant finish is required in aggressive atmospheric temperatures. ]], ["Taiwan, Province of China", [ ]], ]], ["Italy", [ ]], 10. Technical Data Sheet (English) ]], ["Lithuania", [ ["Portuguese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Por__BR.pdf"], Hardtop AX is available in any colour from the Jotun Standard, RAL K7 and British Standard colour charts. Jotun Paint Decorative Ask Price Prakash Paints Vasai East, Mumbai ,C-310,krishna Township , Diwanman,parshwa Shraddha Co-op Hsg Soc,, Vasai East, Mumbai - 401202, Dist. ]], ["Canada", [ ["Finnish", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__Fin__FI.pdf"], ]], ["Bulgaria", [ ["Thai (English)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__th-TH%3bEuk__TH.pdf"], ["Estonia", [ ]], ]], ["Vietnamese", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__vi-VN__VN.pdf"], … ["Norwegian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Nor__NO.pdf"], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Euk__NZ.pdf"], Jotun manufacturer several paint systems and products which are designed to protect and decorate surfaces and substrates from concept to completion, and beyond. ["Korean", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__16480__Hardtop+AX__Kor__KR.pdf"], Jotun Hardtop Flexi is a high solids, glossy two-pack polyurethane topcoat with good gloss and colour retention and excellent flexibility. ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__AU.pdf"], ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Eng__CA.pdf"], ["Romanian", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__ro-RO__RO.pdf"], ["English (Thai)", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Euk%3bth-TH__KH.pdf"], ["French", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Fra__BE.pdf"], ]], ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__AE.pdf"], ["Poland", [ ["Finland", [ - Change country/language, Qatar Jotun Paints & Coatings. ]], var sdsCountries2 = [ ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__18120__Hardtop+AX+Comp+B__Euk__IN.pdf"], Bahrain ["English", "%2fTDS%2fTDS__3140__Hardtop+XP__Euk__GB.pdf"], ]], ["English", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Euk__NZ.pdf"], ]], ["Polish", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Pol__PL.pdf"], By using our websites, you are accepting our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. ["German", "%2fSDS%2fSDS__16480__Hardtop+AX+Comp+A__Ger__BE.pdf"],