It can only benefit the further development of our cuisine and the establishment of Russia as a culinary destination. Located on the 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage in Moscow, the White Rabbit serves modern Russian cuisine in an eclectic setting. I yelled to my team: ‘look at this you guys, it’s amazing!’ In the restaurant we serve the burned cabbage accompanied by a sauce consisting of three types of caviar (sturgeon, salmon and pike) and a dash of reduced champagne and scallop broth. Service is highly valued; every visit has to be a unique experience. Cointreau was last year's lockdown liqueur of choice, so what will it be this time? How do you find and keep co-workers as passionate and motivated as yourself? Following that I moved to Moscow to work as a chef in several restaurants. Throwing good ingredients away is not part of my nature, so I started to think about a way to save them. The White Rabbit Family’s flagship, with a total of twenty-five Russian restaurants by restaurateur Boris Zarkov and chef Vladimir Mukhin. A poor dog was stuck down a rabbit hole for 30 hours before she was rescued. The White Rabbit is no small restaurant: 170 seats, 11 sous-chefs and 50 à la carte dishes, aside from the tasting menus. The economic system opened up and new imported products arrived. March 8, 2020 // by Meike After seeing the Chef’s table episode on Netflix about the “ White Rabbit ” in Moscow, a visit to Chef Vladimir Mukhin’s restaurant was a must. CS: But it took some time until the ‘real’ Russian cuisine came to surface. White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Smolenskaya Square, 3, Moscow, Russia, 121099, +7 495 510-51-01 | | White Rabbit Facebook | White Rabbit Instagram, Text: Wim ProvoostPhotography: Adriaan Van Looy, Having dinner at a restaurant located in an extraordinary location, is... read more, The talented young Spanish chef Javier Aranda provides a feast for... read more, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE IS THE TEAM by... read more, MY TEAM by Chef Arnout Van Der Kolk, Restaurant C, Amsterdam,... read more, SIMPLICITY IS THE KEY by Chef Marleen & Jeroen Brouwer, Restaurant... read more, Relaxed, elegant gastronomy with a touch of gold – you’ve come... read more, At restaurant The White Room, chef Jacob Jan Boerma – the... read more, THIS IS MY JOB by Chef Tim Golsteijn, Restaurant Bougainville, Amsterdam,... read more, “A pure gastronomic experience at a breathtaking height, with the skyline... read more, NEVER GETS BORING by Chef Jermain De Rozario, Restaurant De Rozario,... read more, on #CHEFSSECRET – Vladimir Mukhin, The White Rabbit, Moscow, © Copyright 2020. Local seasonal products, modern techniques, new combinations –Vladimir Mukhin is one of the brightest representatives of modern Russian cuisine. On the contrary. There was also an abundance of seafood back then. Chef Vladimir Mukhin puts a particularly strong emphasis on using local, seasonal ingredients in his dishes. Only the best and most authentic products are being considered for The White Rabbit. With ‘the book of tasty and healthy food’ as a reference you’re not going to bring over lots of people to your restaurant when they also have the option of Italian or French restaurants. On top of that chefs didn’t have the status enjoyed in other countries. Where did you get the idea to use cabbage, not the most noble product around, for this dish? During the Soviet times there may not have been a great culinary tradition, but my family always knew how to make the most of what was available. White Rabbit is a modern restaurant in Moscow located at the top of a high rise office complex. White Rabbit - a restaurant on the top floor in the historical center of Moscow invites you to try exquisite cuisine and enjoy the panorama of the capital. CS: Are culinary awards important for you? Boris is a great leader with a very clear vision. Is it easy to source good suppliers for The White Rabbit? VM: It wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. Our final Instagrammable place in Moscow is a little different to the rest, but no less impressive. I thought, 'What if I was still fat?' Chef’s Secret: How did you get started with The White Rabbit? The menu is heavy on seafood, good wine list and good service. The Father, who also bakes the bread for the monastery, gave me his permission and blessing to use it for The White Rabbit. VM: Sort of. I myself am available as an inspirator for all the chefs of the WRF restaurants. All the restaurant chefs in the White Rabbit Family can use the food lab as also our library with our own archives and culinary literature emanating from all over the world. Our lot includes trip to the market, lunch at house, dinners at WRF restaurants, trip to our farmers, and a tour of chef’s fav Moscow … Reserve a table at White Rabbit, Moscow on Tripadvisor: See 3,461 unbiased reviews of White Rabbit, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #190 of 14,435 restaurants in Moscow. One day a supplier delivered cabbages to our restaurant. After my time in France I moved back to Moscow where I became chef in a far more modest place. 10. It made me It offers a far richer and layered aroma than vodka and blends in excellently with the Borodino, coco lardo and linden buds that complement the dish. Meta-licious – Meta Singapore Review. Each year during the IKRA Talks culinary conference we come together to discuss all the aspects in our field. Not much taste came out of it. Deaf cocker spaniel, Dizzy, disappeared during a walk with her owner Duncan Flowers in Burlish Top, Worcestershire, on Sunday. The page is a link to follow the posts of the white Rabbit White Rabbit Moscow. But we shouldn’t forget that we’re in a city counting more than 12 million inhabitants and in the worldwide culinary charts The White Rabbit is climbing year upon year. These are going to be grown next year in a greenhouse exclusively reserved for The White Rabbit. 23. It took but a few years for the establishment to become a true culinary hotspot. In the beginning it was somewhat chaotic. VM: Well, there are several reasons for that. Under the rule of Katharina II, the European influences increasingly evolved with the introduction of new dishes and techniques. We understand that you come from several generations of Russian chefs. Today I still travel to the old villages in Russia to talk to elderly people. Chef Vladimir Mukhin. ... Instagram. The first joint project of famous Boris Zarkov and Chef Vlamdimir Mukhin, White Rabbit is located under the glass dome on the 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage. Soviet cuisine had its own culinary bible: The book of tasty and healthy food’ which I thought was ironic. Chef Vladimir Mukhin. The restaurants of The White Rabbit Family are not just merely about selling food. When we meet chef Vladimir Mukhin he enthusiastically shows us the Brassica oleracea gemmifera plant. While it doesn't have a Michelin star yet, the guide has noted the White Rabbit for its laid-back atmosphere and original cooking with Mediterranean and Asian influences. The White Rabbit Family in 2020 runs 22 restaurants in Moscow and Sochi. Sparrow Hills is one of the highest points in Moscow and a famous park. CS: One of your most remarkable signature dishes, ‘Poor vs Rich’, is built around cabbage. We left the place with a big smile on our face and simply cannot wait to return next time we are in Moscow to once again enjoy the best view and get spoiled by the genius of Vladimir Muhkin and the rest of his team. Today there are many chefs in our country that want to move forward with Russian cuisine. White Rabbit. The quails from the ‘End of the beginning’ dish is another example. The tasting menu includes Black Sea oysters, Crimean truffle, and a rapa whelk beef stroganoff - a twist on one of the signature dishes of Russian cuisine. All-in all we have about 20 small farmers that provide us with products that qualify for The White Rabbit. / #13 – A Journey through Russian history and cuisine – Why a visit to the restaurant White Rabbit in Moscow is a must. Get an action shot at the White Rabbit. But that’s an integral part of the White Rabbit philosophy. RECENT POSTS. When Boris Zarkov was looking for a new chef someone recommended me. CS: Not many people outside Russia are familiar with the culinary traditions of the country. But for me it wasn’t challenging enough there. When Boris Zarkov asked me to head up The White Rabbit kitchen, he expressed his ambition to get into the world’s Top 50 best restaurants. 113.7k Followers, 26 Following, 1,172 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar (@whiterabbitmoscow) Is that also based on a recipe you discovered inland? Walking through this impressive square feels like stepping into Russia’s devastating and fascinating past, and with 840,000 pictures on Instagram, it’s a photo op not to be missed. Gradually our gastronomy began to grow. Eager to learn more about European cuisine I went to France to work as a sous-chef in Christian Etienne’s restaurant. That influenced the way food was being cooked and served in Russia. Sophisticated Savva, Moscow. It takes time and effort to find them. Catfish are also specially farmed for us. We saw how things were being done there and came back full of ideas. Guests can choose from no less than fifty à la carte dishes and two tasting menus: ‘Contrast’ and ‘Russian Evolution’. I wanted to create my own bread for The White Rabbit. Year after year enthusiasm grows, with more chefs and restaurant professionals joining in and launching new ideas. Perhaps because we are Belgians? It looks creamy but no dairy products are used. I initially started out working in my father’s restaurant. Even the elevator that leads to the restaurant is decorated accordingly and oozes a distinctive aroma. 1273 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet. Major brand candy bars from the West, croissants, pizzas, cocktails and sushi restaurants – though at that time not many people knew how to eat Japanese food or to even pronounce the names of the products. Using that sourdough, we bake several varieties of bread for The White Rabbit Family. - Russian contemporary cuisine - Chef Anatoly Kazakov - №65 The World 50 Best - White Rabbit Family - 8 (495) 995 85 03 Right on … Or, as they say, Brussels sprouts. And since a couple of years other Russian chefs have followed. There’s no wine arrangement for the menus but the sommelier is always on hand to help you choose from the extensive wine list (featuring many excellent Russian wines). White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Smolenskaya Square, 3, Moscow, Russia, 121099 +7 495 510-51-01 | | White Rabbit Facebook | White Rabbit Instagram . Vladimir Mukhin: The White Rabbit was not my first restaurant as a chef. You were stealing from the state because you added ingredients that weren’t being seen as essential. Moscow Restaurant Russian Restaurant Moscow Hotel Restaurant Design Restaurant Interiors White Rabbit Restaurant Top 10 Restaurants Futuristic Home Russian Architecture. We present it together with Polugar which has some similarities with vodka but is actually a much more ancient spirit produced with rye. When: April 2018; Male DINK Rating: 12/15; Female DINK Rating: 13/15; Total Cost: $605; Food Cost: $300; White Rabbit was the reservation we were most looking forward to on our trip to Russia, and it was the first reservation we attempted to make (thank you AMEX Platinum Concierge).The restaurant has been on The World’s 50 Best restaurants list for a few years now, and … Since then each year we’ve climbed up in the rankings with solid top 20 places over the last consecutive years. The IKRA platform was created by The White Rabbit Family with the goal of promoting Russian cuisine around the globe. Selfie Restaurant. 15.4k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘whiterabbitmoscow’ hashtag Try Russian borscht, fried crucians, baked beans, turnip crisps and salads. There are many traditional Russian dishes to be rediscovered but they aren’t being handed to you on a plate. When we finally tasted them, the flavour wasn’t like any other cabbage we had tasted before. Devine Harmony, Wine & Crab, Moscow Review. White Rabbit. Vladimir Mukhin (White Rabbit): The future of gastronomy is glocalisation October 17, 2016 by Ivan Brincat Leave a Comment Vladimir Mukhin, Russian chef of White Rabbit, the Moscow restaurant that has taken the gastronomic world by storm over the past years is on a mission to make Russian tastes known globally. 210.3k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at ‘White Rabbit Restaurant&Bar’ Actually, I started way back in the nineties when I was eighteen, having graduated as a chef. I like to play with our traditions and add a modern twist to it. It serves as a bed for coco lardo, tender slices of coconut fruit that almost tastes like lardo. CS: You’ve also put your shoulders under the development and promotion of. And then you had those 70 Soviet years when everything was made with tabula rasa. @white_rabbit_family @whiterabbitmoscow and @selfiemoscow also put out lot, which is meant for two people. One of the world’s top 20 best restaurants, White Rabbit is where every foodie should eat at least once in their lifetime.Chef Vladimir Mukhin utilizes both cutting edge and traditional cooking technologies to create gastronomic delights to die for. He knew I could realize this potential and gave me full trust in working towards that goal. Firstly, you need to know that not many cooks were able to read or write during the first centuries when Russian cuisine started to develop under the Tsars. Style @ Selfie, Moscow. It serves European cuisine and each dish from blends respect for tradition and high gastronomic exploration. You truly enter a different world. (Click PLAY for highlights of White Rabbit, Moscow) Magnificently located at the top floor (16th) Smolenskaya Plaza. With a touch of creativity, we have given the dish a modern touch. Whizz to the 16th floor of Moscow’s grand Smolensky Passage building to go down a culinary rabbit hole. That way they could dilute the food and keep some ingredients for themselves or sell them ‘under the table’. Vegetables are definitely my favourite products to work with. For example, this year we welcomed Rasmus Kofoed of the Copenhagen based Geranium, Joan Roca, Enrico Crippa, Zaiu Hasegawa from Den in Tokyo and Matt Orlando from Amass. He presented more than 80 varieties out of which we selected 25. fearful for About the restaurant. But I never forgot the taste and my grandmother’s old recipe and it inspired me for the borsht that’s currently on the menu of The White Rabbit. Many chefs found that convenient. Another example of that approach is the ‘Europe vs Asia’ dish from the Contrast menu. She prepared it not with meat but with two different varieties of cabbage and small fish. There is so much to be discovered and rediscovered. At The White Rabbit you won’t be served heavy slabs of flesh drained in creamy sauces or need to conquer mayonnaise dressings. All this came to an end with the Bolshevist Revolution in 1917. Gastronomic experiment on the roof with a stunning view of Moscow: spend the evening “on the mushrooms”, trusting the team of chefs represented by WRF brand chef Vladimir Mukhin and Mushrooms chef Artem Losev. Sparrow Hills. We offer our guests emotions, satisfaction and happy moments. It’s great to see all the hard work paying off and that The White Rabbit’s authenticity and refinement is being recognized by an international audience. In the Contrast menu for example there is a dessert made with condensed milk and birch bast, and used to replace flour in the north of the country. Unfortunately, it was impossible to debone the fish, so for me as a kid eating the borsht was somewhat of a challenge. Boris came over, ordered some food and made me a job offer. CS: With so little archive material available it must have been a gigantic task. Chef Vladimir Mukhin. We source each product from the best in their field. For me, being a descendant of several generations of Russian chefs, it felt only natural to revive and reinvent the real Russian kitchen. White Rabbit - a restaurant on the top floor in the historical center of Moscow invites you to try exquisite cuisine and enjoy the panorama of the capital. It’s not everyday that you get to eat at one of the 50 best restaurants in the world, yet that is exactly what we did on our trip to Moscow, Russia.To be precise, White Rabbit is currently ranked 13th best in the world.It was actually 15th when I first published this article back in 2018 so it … For example, I remember my grandmother’s borsht. White Rabbit also features in the upper heights of the World’s 50 Best list and chef Vladimir Mukhin – previously at El Celler de Can Roca in Spain – is at the top of his game. The Alice in Wonderland themed interior also stands out: luxurious and playful boasting paintings of rabbits, colourful rococo furniture and plush sofas. The farmers need to be as passionate as we are. Chef Vladimir Mukhin of White Rabbit in Moscow stars in a just-released Season 3 episode of Chef’s Table, and he has taken it upon himself … Within The White Rabbit Family there’s lots of room for initiative and self-development. With fairly basic ingredients she managed to create what today we call the ‘umami’ taste. White Rabbit, Moscow, Russia. Here at Culver City’s Vespertine building, Mukhin and Kahn will serve a $375 tasting menu. And so on. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. In reality very few classic recipes were written down and preserved. As you step inside the glass dome the first thing that catches your eye is the spectacular 360° view over the city. New products were imported, meals were served in courses and the common ‘kitchen brigade’ with chef, sous-chef, commis and so on came about. Tags. Vladimir Mukhin and the White Rabbit Family chef team present the first ultramodern laboratory in Russia, equipped with the most advanced technologies. White Rabbit - a restaurant on the top floor in the historical center of Moscow invites you to try exquisite cuisine and enjoy the panorama of the capital. She felt sad, especially as her products are of very high quality. I was born into a family of chefs. 9t 9th place among the best chefs in the world. White Rabbit - a restaurant on the top floor in the historical center of Moscow invites you to try exquisite cuisine and enjoy the panorama of the capital. And proactivity is encouraged amongst the whole family, with incentives for employees who come up with original ideas to improve the White Rabbit experience even more for our guests. VM: Ah, there’s a special story attached to that dish. 0. CS: You talked about the supplier that delivers the cabbages. We combine raw scallops with raspberry, guacamole and carrot voditsa, a type of juice I created starting out from a traditional recipe I found in an old book. Three days with our chefs @muhinvladimir and @anatoly_kazakov. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Here, new meals are created, tasting sets are born and master-classes with the best chefs are taking place. Russians also started to travel around the world, just as I did when I went to work for French restaurants. CS: With 170 seats and 11 sous-chefs The White Rabbit is a large venture. Vladimir Mukhin Instagram – Text: Wim Provoost Photography: Adriaan Van Looy Best Chef Awards '19: Vladimir Mukhin. As you know there were close ties between French and Russian aristocracy. From then on in Russia food was looked upon as being purely functional. Follow on Instagram. There is lots of glass so stunning views over Moscow. Article by imgur. Follow chef Vladimir Mukhin on social media and you’ll see him posting videos of himself singing and philosophising from this elevator. White Rabbit Family presents the Italian restaurant “Mushrooms”, which will tell you everything about mushrooms! As a teaser for the new dish he hangs several plants here and there in the restaurant. CS: We were also surprised by the bread served during the Contrast menu, unlike anything we tasted before. When we ask Mukhin how he’d describe the culinary style of The White Rabbit he answers: â€˜not the meat of the rabbit but the rabbit’s food’. Chef Mukhin is featured on Netflix documentary Chef’s Table, Season 3. It exemplifies his approach. At the time I was one of the youngest professional chefs in Russia, though I have to say it didn’t come about by accident. 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White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Moscow, Russia. We come together amongst peers and invite chefs from all over the world. And I must admit we are finicky. These and other informal recipes have inspired me a great deal. Mukhin is working on a new dish: marrowbone made from the stem of this plant. The World's 50 Best Restaurants: White Rabbit — №13. 3 Smolenskaya square, 16th floor, Moscow, Russia The cabbages had been out in the cold too long and were frozen when she delivered them. VM: Yes. My father and grandfather were chefs also. My father recalls the time when being creative as a chef was considered to be a crime. VM: It’s rather difficult because we don’t have many small farmers around Moscow and the green period is short – it only lasts from May to September. At the top floor of the Smolenskaya building in Moscow’s historical centre we find The White Rabbit restaurant. Website made by, #CHEFSSECRET – Joris Bijdendijk, Rijks, Amsterdam, #CHEFSSECRET – Javier Aranda, Gaytán, Madrid, #DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 7 – Chef Robert Poel, Restaurant Voltaire, Leersum, #DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 2 – Chef Arnout Van Der Kolk, Restaurant C, Amsterdam, #DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 4 – Chefs Marleen & Jeroen Brouwer, Restaurant De Loohoeve, Schoonloo, #CHEFSSECRET – Fred Mustert, Restaurant Fred, Rotterdam, #CHEFSSECRET – Jan Jacob Boerma & Randy Karman, The White Room, Amsterdam, #DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 5 – Chef Tim Golsteijn, Restaurant Bougainville, Amsterdam, #CHEFSSECRET – Viki Geunes, Zilte, Antwerp, #DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 1 – Chef Jermain De Rozario, Restaurant De Rozario, Helmond, #DUTCHMISSION EPISODE 6 – Chef Thomas Diepersloot, Restaurant Voltaire, Leersum, #CHEFSSECRET – Erik and Juliën van Loo, Parkheuvel, Rotterdam. In 2019 the restaurant held the 9th spot in the The Best Chef Awards. White Rabbit first opened in 2012 and earned an episode on Netflix’s popular series Chef’s Table. other men’. VM: What you are talking about is the black Borodino bread. White Rabbit, Russia White Rabbit, Russia An edible fairytale for two stirs the heart at this fabled modern Russian restaurant under a glass dome overlooking Moscow. It goes back to the times of Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century and specifically with Peter the Great during the 17th and 18th century. Moscow, Smolenskaya sq.3 +7 (926) 593-83-46 In his food lab situated in the same building of The White Rabbit restaurant Vladimir Mukhin and sous-chef Dmitri show us how the dishes are created. White Rabbit is a beautiful, multi-awarded upscale modern restaurant. Duncan, 54, penned an appeal on social media after … 24hr Fine Dining – Cafe Pushkin. VM: This is something Boris Zarkov and myself closely guard. Kitchens were tucked away in cellars, invisible from the guests. That’s how I became chef of The White Rabbit. The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, 12 brilliant bread recipes to try this lockdown, from a wholemeal loaf to Marmite buns. VM: Well, the story of Russian cuisine is special and somewhat unconventional. You scan still come across early 19th century pictures of sturgeons of more than 4 metres long and up to 300 kilograms. Michelin stars. Even though it is not a big deal to find a restaurant in Moscow, this rule changes if you are looking for a quality Russian cuisine in the city center. The Borodino bread accompanies the first dish of the Contrast menu. It had to fill the stomach and nothing more. White Rabbit Lab Go to website. She also had her own type of cabbage soup with beef bone stock – we called it ‘Shee’. Boundless creativity with Russian ingredients from Moscow’s most famous chef Vladimir Mukhin. I burned some of the cabbages for a couple of hours in the Russian oven until they were totally black on the outside. ABOUT. In the meantime, he tells us about his origins, his ambitions, his vision and ancient Russian culinary traditions. Chef Vladimir Mukhin. Every dish is a result of hard work, gastronomical expeditions and a special respect for Russian traditions. A couple of weeks ago a tomato grower visited us. All Rights Reserved. CS: And then in 1991 the old Soviet regime fell and the Russian kitchen revived. She was almost in tears. In the Holy Prilutsky monastery not far from Vologda (famous for its high level of craftsmanship) I found a totally unique variety of sourdough. With the ‘Poor vs Rich’ dish I wanted to prove that the cheapest and most abundant products in Russia, such as cabbage, can be as tasty as the most expensive ingredients.