A jig and a few tricks to help you make shims of any length to straighten crooked framing Old houses settle over time. But don’t crank them down super-tight; that can crack the toilet. Level the Toilet. If your toilet shakes back and forth whenever you use it, you may need to level it. If the flange is set on the subfloor, you may need a flange extender. This is required by our local inspector (toilet sealed to floor), but I never caulk the rear of the toilet towards the back wall. Wipe a wet finger over the caulk to smooth the bead into both the base and the top of the floor. Apply a thin, even bead of caulk around the base of the toilet to cover the gap along the floor and hide the shims. DJ Property Trades say: “I always refit toilets and washbasins after I tile the floor for 3 reasons: 1. Before taking steps to level a floor, you must find out why it’s not … When you install a toilet on a wood floor, you won't encounter any more difficult problems than you would installing one on any other floor covering. I make sure that the flange is caulked to the tile. Greetings. Then place it one by one under the toilet leg. Slip … The flange sits to high above the floor for the toilet to sit on the floor. Few toilets are installed on a floor so unlevel that you have a good chance of falling off the side before you finish your business. Rock the bowl gently side to side, and the lift the toilet off the bolts. There are probably as many ways to level a floor as there are out of level floors being leveled by someone, so here's Matt Jackson's take on making precise, extra long shims. I removed old tile. New floor tile is a relatively inexpensive way to add instant beauty and value to your home. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Repair a damaged closet flange using a repair kit designed for the type of flange installed in your home. How to Level a Toilet. The flange is set on the finished vinyl floor as shown in the upper photograph. When the tiles are set and the tile adhesive has dried, you can screw the flange on the floor and proceed with the toilet bowl Turn the valve on the 3/8- or 1/2-inch line supplying water to the toilet tank clockwise until it is tight … This weekend I’ve decided to delve into the depths of toilets. If you do shim it as others say, you'll want to replace the wax seal first, and don't push the wax down then lift the toilet back up. To steady a rocking toilet, cut plastic shims to fit and slip them underneath (you may have to remove caulk before adding shims). The grout will fill the gap, but it won't really stick to the smooth porcelain. ← Install Vinyl Plank Flooring Around Toilet → How To Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring Around Toilet Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Slide the slotted base of the stud caps over each mounting stud. Lift the toilet and set it on its side. My current toilet is horribly stained and nothing I’ve tried seems to help. Use a caulk gun to squeeze a bead of caulk around the base of the toilet where it meets the floor. I’m using porcelain tile so I’m using LATICRETE 4-XLT, a polymer fortified adhesive or “large and heavy tile” mortar. Place the new wax ring over the drain opening in the floor. A toilet flange on the tile floor anchors the toilet securely. After shimming make sure you have snugged the nuts that hold the toilet in place ( be careful not to crack the porcelain). If there is ever a leak, that grout directs the water straight down. The thinking behind this is that I needed something that would harden and stop any I wanted the tile to be flush with the hardwood floors so I installed the tile on LATICRETE STRATA_MAT™ XT . Fill the space between the bottom of the toilet and the floor with tile grout. Turn the nut holding the water supply line to the bottom of the toilet tank counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench until you can turn the nut by hand. The tiles around the toilet are slightly uneven and the toilet rocks just a bit. Sold as blister pack of four sizes: 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch height. Caulking the toilet keeps the shims and washers secure in addition to preventing … It means tiles don’t have to be cut to awkward shapes to fit, and also means there is a layer of tile under the toilet that will protect the floor from water should the sealant fail. Ever wonder why old houses have a random toilet in the basement? Slide the blade of a flathead screwdriver in the slot between the top and bottom halves of the caps covering the toilet mounting bolts holding the toilet to the subfloor. The under layment was mud bed which I removed too. If the base of the toilet is not dry, you may have a leak. Scrape the closet flange attached to the floor and the bottom of the toilet with a putty knife to remove all remnants of the old wax ring. Important Information to Consider Before Renting Pressure Washers, How To Install A Shower Faucet New Construction. Slide the wire crimped to the end of the gun body through the cut to puncture the seal of the tubing. Squeeze the handle as you drag the gun along the base to deposit a thick bead of caulk to the area. Plumbing Shims Tile setters are sometimes less-than-fastidious when it comes to installing their flooring in the vicinity of the toilet. Fixing toilet to porcelain tiled floor Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by alcutler, Jun 27, 2008. In my case it was not more then a 1/4 inch, maybe 3/16". Then caulk around the toilet and snug down the nuts on the bolts. Push down and hold the toilet's flushing handle until all water is removed from the toilet tank. I installed a new underlayment, Ditra waterproof membrane, and then I installed tiles over it, end result, the bathroom floor went down by about 1/2 inch when I place the new toilet bowl I see that it is not sitting flush with the floor, but is about 1/4 inch above floor. Tip the toilet on its side and install a new wax ring seal in the drain hole, then carefully set the toilet … Leveling a Toilet on a Tile Floor DEAR TIM: I’m about to step outside my comfort zone. When I sit the toilet on the flange there is anywhere from a 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch of a gap all the way around. That aside, apply thin and even layers of the caulk at the entire base, until all the visible gaps and shims … A master plumber shares his secrets for setting toilets on tile floors. The distance from one shim to another should be 1.5 to 2 inches. Installing Porcelain tile on a bathroom floor made simple and easy. $12.49 $ 12. Optimum flange height to aim for is 1/4 inch above the finished floor. Slide the blade of a utility knife along the edge of the toilet base to score all installed shims. I prefer using tile and tub caulks which happen to be the same colour as your toilet or floor for a neatly done job. Place a plastic, tapered shim into the gap until it bottoms out and completely fills the gap between the base and the floor. Place the flange on the tile. My tile floor is uneven so any toilet rocks back and forth. How to Install a Toilet on an Unlevel Floor. 3. Before you bolt the toilet down, confirm that the base is stable and level by carefully … The Ideal Table Shims, Toilet Shims, and Furniture Levelers - 30 Clear Wedges. Add two more stacked shims 3 inches to the left and another two 3 inches to the right of the first set of shims. I have a toilet to set. Make sure that the tiles should close the gap. You can do it by following these easy steps. Check for water around the … Toilets, Sinks, Showers, Dishwashers, Tubs and Garbage Disposals - Setting toilet in plaster, never shim a toilet again.. - OK all. Anyway, the basement toilet was placed on an uneven floor and when you sit on it, the toilet rocks forward (think of a chair that's got a short leg - same kind of rocking). Align the mounting holes in the toilet base with the mounting studs located in the closet flange. Slide them under the front of toilet base. Choose a cutter which suits the tile you have chosen. Steps: 1 Turn off water to toilet by closing shut-off valve. Now get a piece of plywood, the thickness being how high you need to shim the toilet up. Typically, a tile floor is completed and grouted prior to the toilet being installed or replaced. But don't worry—you don't have to be an experienced handyman to fix a wobbly toilet. How to Replace a Toilet and Connect the Water Lines These step-by-step instructions show how to replace a toilet and include the following steps: Remove the water, disconnect the tank, install the new toilet and connect the water lines. Turn the nut by hand until it falls free from the tank. Shim the toilet with wooden shims if the flange is too high. I used portland-cement-based sanded grout. Now get a piece of plywood, the thickness being how high you need to shim the toilet up. Lift the lid from the top of the toilet tank and set it aside. If the toilet is already in place before grouting, you can grout between the toilet base and the tile. The STRATA_MAT XT replaces 1/4″ thick cement board — it’s much lighter, easier to cut and installs with just mortar (no screws required). This typically allows for almost any type of wax ring to be used and Expose the second nut using the same method to remove the second cap. I've tried drilling these tiles already and would prefer not to try again. You may want to hire a a large electric one if you will need to make several cuts or your tiles are very thick or hard. This will cause wastewater to leak and saturate the floor surround the toilet. I can't think of one good reason for grouting a toilet. When your toilet flange is too high, your toilet may leak water and rock back and forth when used. In the process of redoing my vinyl floor with backer board and tile. 3. After trimming the shims properly, it’s now time to caulk the base. Turn each nut counterclockwise with the adjustable wrench until each nut is free of the toilet-mounting stud. See how to tile a main floor with our DIY how to advice! Place the toilet on the plywood and scribe What is the best thing to use when caulking a toilet for and uneven floor. Determine the Underlying Problem. 3 Sop up remaining water from tank and bowl with sponge or turkey baster. Push both shims toward the toilet until the toilet does not wobble. With the toilet removed, you can see the toilet flange and measure its height above the floor. Shim and use plaster of paris First take a big wad of The next step is to get the water hooked up to the toilet. Laid on the toilet flange to elevate the stool flange to or just above the floor grade. Set a second wax ring over the first to add extra height. Spread tile adhesive over the backer board and set tiles. Over time, the wobbling of a toilet bowl will damage the wax ring sealing the toilet drain to the drain flange attached to the bathroom floor. So, it is incredibly essential to set up the collar properly. Floors and ceilings that may (or may not) have been level at one time can present significant problems when it is time for you to install tile or cabinets, or if you just need to level the darned floor. Installing new Kohler toilet in a new bathroom with mosiac marble tile floor. It helps create an even transition between typical ¼” to 3/8″ thick tile and 3/4″thick hardwood flooring. Place the shims there, THEN push the toilet down, otherwise you'll break the wax seal when adjusting. Let me explain… A few years back we remodeled our kitchen and that involved putting new hardwood floors. Twist the screwdriver handle 1/4 turn in either direction to remove the cap and expose the nut. It’s important to ensure, no matter what floor surface you’re tiling on, that the surface is sound, level and clean of dust and debris. 4. It's not done to prevent water from leaking around the base; doing this would Caulking around a toilet is usually done to hide the gap between the toilet's base and the floor for cosmetic reasons or to prevent odor leakage. Free Shipping by Amazon. Always check the tile manufacturer’s instructions to see whether your tiles need sealing, when you are advised to do this, and what sealant to use In a new bathroom, it’s best to tile the floor before installing the toilet, sink Would it be feasable to set the pan base in silicon as opposed to screwing it to the floor. How to Repair a Rocking Toilet | Ask This Old House - YouTube Depending on how uneven Allow the caulk to dry for 24 to 36 hours before continuing. You select your mortar based on the type of tile or stone you are using. When installed, it is placed on the floor over the hub that is in the pipe, and Any advice would be appreciated. Move the toilet side-to-side until it breaks away from the wax ring. I'm afraid of cranking too hard on the closet bolts so I'd rather find a way to fill the gap. As you do so, make sure of the2. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. A leaking flange can also rot the subfloor and lead to the I have a floor where two pieces of tile spanned the toilet base and the two tiles were not level or even to each other. Turn the valve on the 3/8- or 1/2-inch line supplying water to the toilet tank clockwise until it is tight in the "off" position. Both the leaking and the rocking can warp or break the floor. Not expecting to replace the toilet for a long time, I decided to use a tube of QuikCrete. 4.6 out of 5 stars 682. Repairing the damage done to the wax ring is essential to ensuring future water leaks do not occur after toilet wobble is corrected. Push on the toilet to see if it wobbles. If the tile floor isn’t flat, the toilet bowl might have to be shimmed. You may have to shim up the toilet or use a toilet base slab to prevent rocking. I have been shimming the toilets and then just using tub and tile caulk but it doesn't last. Insert the hard rubber shims beneath the toilet on the side or sides that are uneven, working your way around the bowl according to the reading on the level until the toilet is level. Cut open the end of a silicone caulk tube with the cutting hole located at the handle of a caulk gun. This ensures that when (or if) a leak occurs, that it runs out the BACK of the toilet onto the tile… I'm working on the plumbing roughin and wondering what height I mount the toilet flange. The result is a toilet that rocks,leaks at the wax gasket and has ruined the vinyl floor After it is stabilized you can grout the crack between floor and bowl if you like ( leave the back open, in case of leaks ). This toilet already sat on the floor, before the grout was applied, which was done for cosmetic reasons and any additional stability it might provide. The tile guy who installed the floor also tried to reinstall my toilet. 49. If necessary, smooth the caulk with your finger, wiping your finger clean frequently with a paper towel or a rag. He replaced the wax ring twice and the toilet still wobbles. So we Lay it on its side on the towels. 1. Put the toilet on the flange and level the bowl both left and right and front to back. Place the toilet on the plywood and scribe the outline of the bottom of the toilet base on the plywood. Well my tile work must not be precise, because after snugging the toilet down, I noticed is has a slight wobble on what must be an uneven floor. In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey explains how to fix a wobbly toilet. Lift the low side of toilet by grabbing the rim of the bowl on that side and gently pulling upward. 4. This means you need to dry fit the toilet bowl to the floor without the new wax gasket in place. Step by step process for cutting a six-foot ling shim from a 2x4 Tile installation requires grooves in the thinset to create air pockets which facilitate the adhesion of the tile. 3. In tight spaces like behind the toilet or sink you may prefer to apply the grout to the tile instead. I scribed the base of the toilet on the floor using a grease pencil before I removed the toilet. Besides the perfect components in your washroom, the right look is also critical. STRATA_MAT is designed so you can install it with the same mortar you’re using to install your floor. Toilet flange repair is a super important skill to learn. I began by getting the toilet in place on four rubber shims. Tighten the nuts to lock the toilet in place. Thinset mortar is a type of cement used for the adherence of tiles and flooring to substrate, or subfloor materials. Do not over tighten the nuts, as this will crack the toilet's mounting flange. I use those nylon shims that you can find in the plumbing parts section. Place wood shims as required to get the toilet level. Connect the supply line to the back of the toilet tank. How to Replace a Toilet That Has Grout Around it, How to Replace a Toilet on Cast Iron Pipe, How to Determine a Toilet's Rough Opening, The Family Handyman: How to Replace a Toilet, The Plumbing Info: Real Life Trouble Shooting – Toilets and Clogged Drains, This Old House: How to Fix a Wobbly Toilet, How to Fix a Toilet That Is Leaking From the Base. Toilet Flange and an uneven tile floor Author: 9646 (TN) I am replacing a toilet on a ceramic tile floor that is uneven around the flange. Turn the supply valve clockwise to fill the toilet tank. Back then I wasn’t about to take on this project. I took the opportunity to take a few pics of a recent toilet install ... First toilet I set after laying new ceramic tile I used a wooden shim on the front left edge. Stack two wood shims on top of one another. Tip: when leaving gaps in the grout around shims, neatly curve the end of the grout bead inward under the toilet: don't leave it ragged. (If your floor is concrete, you might get off easy and all the toilet will need is a new mounting flange. how to mount a toilet flange to subfloor Author: tbone52 (MN) I'm doing a remodel that adds a new 2nd floor bath. Place the nozzle of the open caulk tube in the crack between the toilet base and the top of the floor. Thread one nut on each stud. Lay a level lengthwise on the back of the toilet tank, then sit backward on the toilet, straddling the bowl and shifting your weight to make the toilet level. … Otherwise, you might have to cut out a chunk of … These shims were actually inexpensive erasers from a dollar store, providing maybe 8mm or 5/16" of height when compressed by the weight. Set the toilet on the stacked wax rings. Smooth out the bead using your finger, then wipe your finger on a wet rag. I had someone grout shower trim the other day :furious: breaking it out … He replaced the wax ring twice and the toilet still wobbles. We cover this in a different toilet installation tutorial …just in case you’re interested. Snap off the shims at the leading edge of the base. Grouting a toilet is a horrible idea if you ask me, they crack trying to remove them. Make sure that your applied shims are not destroying the beauty of your toilet. The tile guy who installed the floor also tried to reinstall my toilet. I scribed the base of the toilet on the floor using a grease pencil before I removed the toilet. Tape these shims tightly to the finished floor so they don’t move when you lift the toilet … 1-16 of 757 results for "floor shims" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Any DIY tile job will only be as good as the surface it’s laid on. I've done some reading online and found several different suggestions anywhere from shimming to caulking to grouting the gaps. 2 Flush toilet and hold down the lever to empty tank. We just bought this house a few weeks ago and have discovered issue after issue that was done not-quite-right - just because it's DIY doesn't mean it should be done incorrectly. Place the tube inside the body of the caulk gun. Hi, Just re fitting my bathroom and about to replace toilet pan onto a porcelin tile floor I have put down. I should mention that this is on a concrete floor which has lino over it, not tile. As for the toilet flange, it is fundamentally a metal pipe fitting that is attached to the toilet floor and adjoins the bowl to the drain pipe underneath the floor. Do a Leak Check. A lot depends on what's going around the toilet and why it's uneven. Correcting the wobble will stop additional damage from occurring, but the lingering effects of the wobble can still lead to future water leaks. Turn the nut clockwise with the adjustable wrench to lock it in position. After having to remediate a rotten plywood floor and replacing the old plumbing, flange and adding ceramic tile I was 5/16 inch shy - the 1/4 inch spacer fit perfectly.