Journey to Winterhold. He wears blue mage robes and a pair of boots, and is equipped with an iron dagger. Never heard of this glitch in the Skyrim, didn't find anything explaining it, so i hope if it happens to anyone else you can read this guide for help. I'm doing the thieves guild quests I'm on Hard answers right now and I saw on youtube that you can do a side quest when you kill a frostbite spider called "Nimhe" and get the key as a reward but I dont know where I can find the side quest. Discussion in 'Skyrim Help' started by SkyrimTookMyLife, Dec 2, 2011. Question 12 Rockstar, the creator of Grand Theft Auto, also developed Skyrim. Description. What type of weapon is a Wuuthrad in Skyrim? You can have three options: steal the key from Calcelmo (see Obtain the key to Calcelmo's Museum), take it from his desk (screen above), picklock the door or complete the Miscellaneous: Kill Nimhe inside Nchuand-Zel.. New optional objective: Obtain the key to Calcelmo's Museum. Well Karliah never leaves, and she no longer has dialogue. During the 'Hard Answers' Thieves Guild quest, Karliah asked me to meet her at the Ragged Flagon. Hard Answers Glitch. The mage was an old friend of Gallus and he isn't surprised that Karliah is alive or the she has found Gallus' Journal. Okay, so i'm at the part where you have to copy down the Calcelmo's stone. After having talked with Karliah, she will direct you toward Winterhold.She tells you that only Enthir can be trusted in these matters. What to Do So, this is a glitch that happens very rarely, during the "Hard Answers" quest in the Thieves Guild storyline when you must speak to Calcelmo, the glitch is that you cannot even talk to him, at all. It is unbelievable how massive Skyrim is. True False In conjunction with Bethesda, Rockstar North played a large part in the development of Skyrim. Hard Answers is a Quest in Skyrim. Aicantar is an Altmer conjurer, and is the nephew of Calcelmo.. Like his uncle, Aicantar is heavily involved in Dwemer research, where he often spends time by his uncle's side or, in some cases, in Calcelmo's Dwemer Museum.However, he does not share all of his uncle's zeal for research. PLaying Skyrim on the Xbox360, and doing the Theives Guild quests. Unfortunately, the journal is written in some sort of code that needs to be deciphered. “Hard Answers” is a Thieves' Guild Faction Quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Hardcore Skyrim fans will be able to easily answer this question. Winterhold; Markarth; Walkthrough []. Skyrim 'Hard Answers' quest glitch/bug? Hello. the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim. Once I get into Calcelmo's tower where the stone is located, I try clicking "A" to activate the stone, but nothing happens. But it won't let me start dialogue with him he just says 'This is going to be terrible for business'. Fast Travel there if … SkyrimTookMyLife New Member. Locations []. share | improve this question | follow | edited May 27 '15 at 13:51. galacticninja. Neither is he surprised that the cagey Gallus wrote the journal in Falmer, a long forgotten tongue. Anyone know a way to overcome it on the xbox? However, it seems that she doesn't show up at the rendezvous point. There are a few items you must collect to copy the writing on the stone, including a piece of paper and charcoal. Hard answers: Thieves guild (self.skyrim) submitted 5 years ago by Milkway PC. Where do I find her? This is bugging me alot! Karliah believes the only proof that could expose Mercer's treachery can be found within the pages of Gallus's journal which she recovered from Snow Veil Sanctum. Hard Answers Chapter 7: Hard Answers. Im currently at the quest called 'Hard Answers' and up to the part where you meet Enthir in the basement of a place in Winterhold. During the quest “Hard Answers,” you will have to duplicate the writing on Calcelmo’s Stone since he is too stubborn to allow you to access his materials. Enthir will be in the Frozen Hearth Inn rather than at the College. During the Hard Answers quest, I got all the way to getting the tablet copied onto paper, I return to Enthir and Karliah in the Frozen Hearth, Enthir goes though reading the inscription and his corresponding dialogue, ending with Enthir telling me to meet Karliah in Riften (or wherever).