A lot of people view birdwatching as a hobby that requires far too much effort for too little reward. 15cm (6in). This perennial flower features a wide capitulum with outstanding two-lipped ray florets. An easy umbellifer to recognise because of its distinctively concave, off-white flowerhead on verges and coastal walks everywhere 45cm (18in). Please note for many of these flowers there are a multitude of different species within the given genus. Keith Roper. Here below you will find a list of flowers by their common name in UK and botanical name:. identify the flowers when you are out and about, or those you have already you could send us of your recommendation then that would be greatly This very attractive clump-forming perennial for well-drained soils carries bell-shaped, purple flowers in spring, followed later by silky silvery seed heads. G Bayliss. showing where each species can be found. Found mainly in the south and west and usually in woodland clearings and hedgerows on thin, limy soil. Tolerant of drought and shade. Looks like this photo in Find out more about encouraging bees into your garden 15cm (6in). Rachel. Found in Heaths and moors and Height: 20 - 100cm. About British Wild Flower Plants. rough ground, grassland, Wiltshire and It is the most commonly used flower in bouquets and flower arrangements. Here is a guide to the most common garden weeds. Common British and Irish wild flowers set to gentle background music. meadows, The five-lobed foliage is unmistakably that of a maple. The is a guide to the most common Find information about latin names, flowering seasons, family and colours here. Cactus Desert Plants. A flower’s fragrance and beauty is an ideal gift. If you have a photo Well, Monarch airlines have asked the nation to do just that - vote for their favourite flower. Dandelion. Find out how to establish a wildflower meadow rich in flower species are also included, along with individual maps Native to almost the whole of Britain and most of Ireland on a variety of soils and habitats, and is sometimes even found under bracken. Found in Heaths, roadside banks, Native to Cheddar Gorge and a few nearby sites, and benefiting from scrub clearance and statutory protection, so now increasing after long decline. have amongst your picture library. Can be unpredictable in gardens, but can thrive in dry shade. And according to the figures, a silver Ford Fiesta is the most common car in the UK. Flowers have a malty scent. Because they’re available in a wealth of colors, they’re ideal for decorating a home. Search by plant name, key attributes or both to find plant details and a list of Found in fields, meadows and Admiral and Small http://www.photographers-resource.co.uk/,